The benefits of using a Hot Tub

  • The unique combination of warm water and active massage makes the hot tub an unique stress relief facility. It has been proved beyond doubt that even a daily 20 minutes bath in a hot tub alleviates blood pressure, reduces stress and relaxes muscles. This often means that the hot tub can cure or reduce chronic pains or headaches by removing the toxic waste found within our bodies such as the lactic acid for example.

    Getting Rid Of Insomnia

    Medical practice proved that a warm environment of around 39 Degree Celsius, maintained for two hours, before going to sleep, makes it more profound and relaxing. This is a fact. Combine that with the stress relief a hot tub combines and you have the perfect natural remedy for insomnia lacking the adverse side effects typically associated with drugs.

  • A Fountain Of Health

    By removing those nasty chemicals out of your body and inducing stress relief, your immune system will reach new heights. You will notice that you heal faster and better. Endorphin's are also released, these are nothing more than natural, body produced pain killers.

    Forget Chronic Pains Like Arthritis 

    Basic physics will finally be on your side. Fact: when you are in water you experience only 10 percent of your body weight. For muscular and joints related pains this means almost instant relief for the period you are in the hot tub. The swelling reduces, pain recedes and flexibility is back. A constant use of a hot tub will make these benefits a constant part of your life. Your body will become more flexible and the pains will be drastically reduced. 

  • Great News For Those Affected by Type 2 Diabetes

    Recent studies have shown that a hot tub can decrease the levels of blood sugar by establishing a more organized sleeping pattern, boosting the immune system and promoting a general feeling of well being. Exercises which were not possible before will become accessible and the overall stress relief will do wonders. A study conducted recently showed a reduction of as much as 13 percent in the levels of blood sugar, while doing a daily bath in the hot tub, for a period of half an hour.

    Bring the Fun Back

    All in all a hot tub is a fun thing to have around the house, no matter how you see it. Your family and children will love it and so will you. Get ready though to receive much more visits your friends and learn to prepare some nice Margaritas. Cocktails, parties and hot tubs do make good friends.